I just wintered my hives. Sad, but happy they are all bundled up for the winter. I wrapped them in 15lb. tar paper, stapled tight. I put an inch and a half of insulation in the telescoping cover. I also took another beesourcer's advice and covered the hole in the center of my wooden inner cover(used a wooden shim) to keep the bees from crawling through and possibly eating/chewing the pink insulation. A 4 inch tall spacer box to "house" 7lbs. of feed sugar). I have a 2 inch wide notch(facing down) in the front of the inner cover. A reducer with a 3/4 inch entrance in front. A open screened bottom board.

My question is. Will covering the opening in the center of the inner cover prevent the insulation from doing one of it's jobs (collecting and holding moisture away from the bees)? I am concerned that by covering the inner hole that the condensation will build up on the underside of the inner cover and not on the insulation under the outer cover. Thanks, juzzerbee