Went to remove the the two remaining supers from my hives in town to feed what honey was in them to the bees in the country and upon removing them and shaking the bees off the frames I discovered at least 20+ hive beetles in each super!

I have never seen a SHB in any of my country hives, period. None of the combs were slimed and I didn't see any larva from WM or SHB.

Here are the conditions of the town hives:
Mostly shaded, loose soil under hive stand with Ivy and other vegatation surrounding the area.

I'm thinking hard about moving the town hives out to the country where they would be in direct sun and hard packed clay/gravel terrain.

What do you guys suggest that have to deal with this issue?

Ps- both town hives are really strong right now, so no problem with populations there.