I started a hive via swarm back in June. Things initially started going along well but early on I found swarm/supercedure cells. I figured they knew best so I just left them. Then, I found more... Patients I though... They now best. I added a super in August but they didn't touch it, even though they had their brood box mostly filled (80-90%).

I September there was little to no brood so I got a little bit worried. Now, over the last couple weeks I started to get a TON of drone cells, basically all my cells were drones, and most cells had between 1-6 eggs, all in the bottom of the cells, not the cell walls. My first though was a laying worker but I found the queen 2 weeks ago and then again today. She was running around the place like an idiot and the other bees just ignored her. My thought is she could be virgin, but if so, she's been this way for a few weeks even though it is plenty warm enough for her to make her flight and I have no shortage of drones.

I have a new colony I started about 3 weeks ago via a fall swarm and they are going gang busters so I stole a barely drawn out comb (about a half a hand size) with eggs, figuring I will give the old hive one more chance to build a new queen, which, I think I'd prefer anyways as this new colony seems a lot more put together and organized.

A few other observations in the old (troubled) hive. About 5 SHB on the underside of the cover, I didn't see any more inside. I removed the super a few weeks ago and they are now at a single large box.

On the new hive there was one bee hatching (very cool) but there were a few more cells that were opened and I could look inside and see some white heads of bee larvae but they were pretty close to full size. Shouldn't they be capped until they crawl out on their own?

Thanks everybody for your help!