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    Default Filling comb with sugar water & hive wrapping/candy board question

    Hello all,
    I am wondering if it is common practice to fill combs with sugar syrup. I had several empty combs in each hive, and I laid them in a tub and filled both sides with 2:1 syrup, then put them back in the hives. Is this okay to do? I figured it was just another way to feed, but if it is not advisable to do this, I will shake the syrup out. Also, how many of you put your candy boards on at the beginning of winter when you wrapped versus in the middle of the cold season when you think they need it? Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Default Re: Filling comb with sugar water & hive wrapping/candy board question

    I have filled empty comb (HSC) with sugar syrup in the past. I look at it as strictly an emergency application. The problem is that when it becomes too cold for them to process syrup it leaves too much moisture inside the hive. Moisture kills bees. Normally candy boards are placed on hives in late winter or very early spring to prevent starvation at a criticle time.
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