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    This is great to see Oldtimer. Thank you for sharing. I was thinking of making some because I don't need very many. I have a router a saw and a drill bit. Perhaps I will try my hand at making some of these. Could you share your candy recipe please. I have only made candy by mixing sugar and water. Would that be acceptable? Thank You!!! Jeff

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    Nice queen cage, Oldtimer! I really like that one. Two questions:

    1) Is that plastic fly screen or metal mesh?
    2) What is the size of a queen cage necessary for mass banking queens over wintertime?


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    Default Re: Making Queen Cages

    It's aluminium mesh, steel is fine. Plastic may be a bit flimsy.

    For banking a slightly wider cage is needed here's a pic of what I use. I know the pic has been posted before so apologies to those who have already seen it. The internal measurements of the cage are an inch across, not quite an inch and a half deep, and 7/8 inch front mesh to back.

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