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    Default Syrup/Comb drawing

    I know that you are suppose to 1:1 for comb drawing, and 2:1 for food storage. But if you are feeding 2:1 to a hive or nuc that needs more comb, will they use it to draw comb. Or will they just figure no nectar flow not drawing any comb, and back fill the brood nest? If they backfill this time of the year will they try to swarm? Will they fill all of their cluster space with sugar, and then get to cold? Thanks Steve
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    Default Re: Syrup/Comb drawing

    Part of whether or not they'll draw comb is the time of the year. This time of year in northern hemisphere they'll more likely store and backfill in prep for winter. In spring, they'd draw with 2:1 if they decided it was needed.


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