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    I can't believe it won't get warm enough for you to get in your hives until May or June!! Today the temp got into the mid 60s so I took advantage of the nice weather to take a quick look in my two hives and take some pictures of the candy bar and hardware cloth feeder bar for you. My hives have "honey" because I fed them in the fall but they have almost no pollen so as you can see I went ahead and put some protein in the candy I made for them after all. The clusters are fairly small so if they brood up a bit it might help them. They should have enough food based on what I've read they need.

    The "candy bar". I used non-stick foil under and up the sides of the mold but not the top because I wanted it to adhere to the bar. The hardware cloth fits down in a slot I cut as a supporting armature and then I bent it over the top of the bar. I was going to screw it down but decided I didn't need to. I couldn't find anything better to cover the slot so I threw some painters tape on it as a temporary fix.

    The feeder bar with harware cloth pouch filled with "bee fudge". (I have the other half in the freezer.)

    as a bonus I spotted the NWC queen. (And maybe some larvae in those cells? Like I said, I was trying to be quick so I didn't look too close.)
    NWC Queen Dec 2012.jpg

    The Buckfast queen isn't marked and is smaller so I rarely pick her out but I also don't tend to move the main brood bar in that hive because it is still a bar from the chop and crop. It is the only one and I hope I can take it out in spring after the cluster has moved away from it.
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