I have been looking at the investment aspect of bee keeping. I am a person that has learned if I buy cheap stuff I end up going back and rebuying what I really wanted in the first place, which of course is more expensive and superior quality. SO, now I just wait and buy what want when I can afford it. I did some research on our Bee Association and they have some REALLY great things going on! Of course I am sure you have to pay an annual membership due or something and I am not sure how much it costs. They own equipment to process the honey that you can rent for $25.00. If they have bees available they will give a new member a startup package of bees....temperment would be unknown to me as they are offered as a gift.
I am not paticularly worried about myself getting stung a couple of times. I am most worried about my kids who also pick bees up out of the pool so I think they would be OK. If a bee lands on them they don't flip out and start swatting it they just let it sit until the bee flys off. I am not afraid of bees so they have learned from me. I was most concerned about the kids playing and getting too close to the hive and the bees attacking with multiple stings. I am going to built a large planting bed around the hive and make that area off limits. If they disregard my warning the bees will punish the misbehavior for me! Now visiting children are another story. I don't know how they would behave around bees. I think speaking to visitors about staying away from the hive and calm behavior will be necessary. If a visiting child was stung multiple times I would feel responsible. Are there legal consequences? I have heard yes and no.....so I am confused about that. There is ALOT for me learn! Keeping bees is pretty confusing and complicated to me. I am hoping going to the Bee Association meeting will help. Thank You all for the great information, I appreciate the help!