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    Default A Colorado Beekeeper making a dif!

    I didn't really know where to put this, but I thought it's such a cool idea, especially in light of the destruction of SANDY to the indigenous bees in NYC, how important it is for us to preserve what we have and promote the idea of GOOD BEES!

    So many people think I'm crazy to have a beehive, really? where do you think your honey comes from? And where do you think the little critters who pollenate your plants live? Yes, they sting, but snakes bite, people shoot each other, spiders bite, we all have ways to protect ourselves from predators! Holy honey batman! We need them and they are so amazing to watch!

    Sorry, soapbox... but it's a cool project. (and not mine btw, although I do know Greg)


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    Default Re: A Colorado Beekeeper making a dif!

    Cool! I know Greg too.
    He's the reason I have six bee hives in my yard.


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