Sooooo..... My very first foray into making alcoholic beverages began with mead on the 18th of this month. Since then I have also brewed 2 batches of beer. I really don't think I "got" the basics of making until my last batch.

I hate to say it, but I think I reaaaallly messed up my batch of mead. Did a taste test and it tasted VERY medicine-e. It might be because I fed it far more nutrients than needed, or the fact that I may have added far more DAP than needed....or the fact that I didn't understand 101 and pretty much sanitized nothing that the mead is in contact with.

I'm thinking this batch is a failure. Even with age I don't think it will live up to its potential had I done it correctly. It's also important that I brew an awesome batch of mead, because I'm trying to prove to prove to my family that it can be just as good as wine. This is despite the fact that I haven't had any (only 1 glass) mead that I like yet. I'm kind of a stubborn person like that.

I'm thinking of starting over. This time diligently following the traditionalmead.com guide to make an excellent off-dry mead. I know its a bit of a crime to throw in the towel so early but it really did not taste good.

What are your thoughts? Is it worth it to continue? ...I think I have a sore throat from that spoonful...