Hello! I am new to Bee Source. I am planting a small family orchard and am considering adding bees to the list to pollinate my fruit trees. I ran into a man selling honey down the road and he shared that he had trouble with his bees this year. He is under the impression that his bees did not collect enough resources to make enough honey to get through the winter and lost 2 hives to the stronger bees robbing and starving the weaker bees. I am wondering if I planted my orchard if possibly his bees would pollinate my orchard for me and I wouldn't have to keep a hive here on my property. I am concerned about my children and friends children getting stung. I want to keep bees at some point in my life as I am excited about harvesting honey and wax to make soaps, candles etc. but I am not certain now is the right time for me. Any Advice?