Short version: I lost a hive last week....and found it again today. I need some advice on putting it back were it's supposed to live.

Long version: I went on vacation 2 weeks ago & came home last week to one of my hives in obvious trouble. Two days after that we got a six-inch snowstorm with temps in the 20's. I dismantled the hive this weekend to find about 200 frozen bees around a frozen (young) queen. Not finding any evidence of disease, I put their two full supers on an adjacent hive and put their two deeps in the freezer (one drawn comb, one with 40# of honey).

Well, today my wife found a swarm in the neighbor's yard, apparently surviving the snowstorm. I'm going to try to leave work early and re-home them in their previous deeps.

If I get them back in their deep(s), and put them back in their place tonight, what are the odds they'll stay put this time around? For various reasons, I'm missing about 5 of 20 frames from the pair of deeps. Should I put empty frames in (offcenter)? foundation frames?

If I get them to stay (and they have about 60# of feed), what chance might they have in an area that usually needs 70-80#?