Hello all,
I enjoy your forum very much.

I own a house and 10 acres on a river in the Texas Hill Country that I rent to vacationers. I am planning to put a couple of hives on this property this spring. My main concern is not getting the guests stung. I plan to put the hives under a few mesquite trees about 100 yards away from the house and about 175 yards from the river. I had been planning on using B Weaver packages, but now after doing more research(defensiveness) I am not so sure. I am not worried about the foraging bees as much as people walking around close to the hive or guest's kids throwing rocks at the hives. I do plan to fence the hives with a 5' game fence with a space around the hives of 10' or so and "Caution: Bees" signs on the fence. I am leaving the boxes unpainted and the growth around the outside of the fence uncut to camouflage the area.

My questions are:
Should I try for a gentler bee breed?
Is there a better arrangement for the fence?
Will the bees go for the condensate pipe of the AC units on the house being closer than the river?
Any other ways I can deter quest-bee confrontation?

Thanks for all responses in advance,