I just pulled off my bucket feeders of sugar syrup since the temps. have been very cold lately. I installed a 4 inch tall wooden "spacer box" above my 2 deeps and poured in about 7 pounds of sugar on top of the frames/newspaper in each of my hives. I felt that 1 hive really needed a boost of stores at this time while to other hive probably had enough stored already. The bees in both hives started digging away at the sugar as soon as I poured it into the hive. So I assume they wanted it.

Is it bad if I might be giving them more food than what they need? Would the bees spend too much time and energy working toward storing the sugar instead of beginning to build their winter cluster? Or do they know exactly what the colony needs to do in both storing and clustering and I should have faith in their intelligence that they will store the neccessary food and begin to cluster when they are ready? Thanks, juzzerbee