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    Default New beekeeper from Central Illinois

    First, I just want to say thanks for all the advice and information everyone provides on this forum. I've read hundreds of posts before I actually joined, and I hope maybe someday I can help someone else out.

    I started with 4 hives this Spring and lost 1 (well, I didn't really lose it, they know where they are...) The remaining 3 did pretty well and 1 is very strong. I had my first inspection with the Dept. of Ag. and he was very helpful. Only thing on the report was a mite count of 15.5 in 100 bees. I hope the Hopgard does it's thing. One of the many mistakes I've made was waiting until late Oct. to treat them.

    We harvested just shy of 50# this Fall which really surprised me after reading that most first year bees don't produce any extra. That plus a record drought and high heat as well.

    We're hoping to double or triple our hives next year and luckily have quite a few people that are asking us to put a few on their property. One thing I have noticed is when people find out you keep bees, the questions and the conversation goes long. We really enjoy it and are learning something new every day.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: New beekeeper from Central Illinois

    Welcome Roger!


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