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    Default Restore Liquid Armor product for hive tops

    I posted a thread on insulating and sealing hive tops in the beekeeping section. But this is a new product I tried so I am posting it here as well.. Hope you get some info. from it. Here is the link to the other thread:

    One last method of sealing hive tops..This one is new to me and the jury is still out on the finish and durability.
    Here is the product:

    My migratory covers are not very watertight. I needed something different to seal them..paint was just not cutting it. Here is a typical cover I get from Mann Lake.

    You can see why this product would appeal to me. It says it fills in cracks, etc etc. So heres the results.
    I had to apply at least three coats to fill in this crack. It looks good here wet, but when it dried it shrunk and a third coat was necessary. So much for less labor intensive than other methods:

    wet texture almost dissappears when dry.

    Here it is when dried. (These were new plywood tops):

    I had hoped this product would also seal the exposed edge of the plywood top, but it also took time to work the product into the cracks. It has the consistancy of thin cement. You'd be better off filling the cracks with putty or silicone before painting.

    So a third coat will be applied and it should have the texture they promised two coats would provide.
    I do like it, if it is really as durable as they say. But Not too sure I would make any more of them. One gallon put two coats on 12 tops. It costs about the same per gallon as paint and is latex which means easy clean up.

    For my next batch of telescoping tops, I will go back to my old method of staining or burning, sealing the exposed plywood edge with clear silocone and two coats of spar urethane.
    It holds up well in my wet climate and is actually less time consuming than the above product.
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