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    Default prepare for sandy! knot tying class..

    well i tried to tie down my hives on the pallet with rope with out luck! did the truckers hitch knot but just cant get it! i see hives so neatly tied down efficiently with rope but i cant just get it!

    for those of u that use rope, what knot do u use?

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    Default Re: prepare for sandy! knot tying class..

    Yeah we often use the ole truckers hitch knot (do a you tube search) but that works best when you have two static points and is a bit more difficult to do when tying what is, in effect, a loop where there is no stationary object to keep it from sliding around what you are trying to secure.I have done what you describe a few times but for an application like that I much prefer a small ratchet strap.
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    Default Re: prepare for sandy! knot tying class..

    Look up a double dragon, that's the knot I use a lot because it can be undone easily. You can do a bowline too. Just tie a loop in the end of the rope and then wrap it around and back through the loop like you'd be making a lasso. Then pull it down tight and tie an adjustable hitch (you tube) and draw it tight.


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