So glad to have come across this great site! I have always had a desire to keep a hive or two and make friends with my bees. Over the course of the summer, I befriended a nest of paper wasps that had built their nest waist high under a railing by my front door. I walked by within a foot of them several times a day, and over the course of the summer watched their nest and population grow. Often I would bend down to look at them, staying just on the edge of their "okay don't get any closer stance" to watch their daily nest activity. They are very interesting to observe, especially when they are doing the stare back at you bit. My kids thought I was nuts and threatened to knock the nest down, which I rather strongly told them if they did they would be in big trouble from the wasps and me. They eventually got used to walking by them as well without any bother. No one was ever chased or stung, guess they just get used to you. Winter rains and the cold are here now in Oregon, and the nest has depopulated pretty much, a few still hanging around. Not sure where they went to winter.

Anyway, so much for wasps, I am on to honey bees this spring! Plan on doing my research to get ready and look forward to all the help and info that this site and some new friends can provide.