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    I picked up a refurb 18ga nailer a few weeks ago at a discount tool dealer. I already had the compressor. What I needed and picked up the same week was a table saw and a nice cordless tool set. I ended up with a big Craftsman table saw, a lighter portable table saw, and a Porter Cable 18v drill, circular saw, and recip saw. Looking for a nice Dado blade and drill press now.

    I have all of the woodworking tools I need at the farm, but I wanted some here at the weekly house if I need them.

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    Default Re: Air tools and compressor

    I too obtained the brad/staple gun from Harbor Freight, for about $20 - it has been working fine - going on its second year, now. Does up to 1-1/2" brads, and up to 1-1/4" staples. I use 1/2" staples and 1-1/4", and in between sizes quite regularly. After the first year it developed a small internal hiss (air leak), so I disconnect it, when I'm not going to be using it for a hour or more. I purchased my compressor from Walmart, and connected a larger storage tank in parallel with the small tank that came with the compressor, this helps to reduce the frequency that the compressor runs.
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