This is my first post and I am not a beekeeper yet but am taking the 8 week class my county offers this winter and hope to start in 2013 :-)

Over the summer I bought an old Langstroth located here:

I think I can still use it with minimal repairs.
I have a few questions. I understand how the deep brooding supers work. However the small honey suppers have a different kind of frame, like a three sided upside down frame. Or do I need new frames for those small supers?.

Also the telescoping cover has a screen inside that i will probably replace. Is this for pests?

I will need to make an inner cover but is there a way to make a queen excluder? I was thinking maybe a frame with hardware cloth or something.

I was also thinking about splitting this Langstroh up into possible two hives and make another telescoping cover and two medium supers to put on top of one each of the large brooding supers.

Your opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated and excuse me if I am confused with the terminology.

Thanks again