What kind of protective equipment do you use? I wear just the jacket/veil combo and gloves. I have been stung around 15 times this year, once in the stomach, once in the forehead, once on the hand and 12 times on my ankles when I decided to tuck my pants into my socks.........won't do that again!

The ankles and the stomach had reaction of a mosquito bite and not much pain at all, the fore head had minor pain and some swelling but not enough to swell an eye shut or anything. Seems each time I get stung the reaction is lessening. Last year I got stung 12 times on the hands from one frame of bees and my left hand hurt but not much swelling, my right hand however swelled up so bad I couldn't close it, looked like I had a baseball glove on!

Hope I never become allergic, but at the same time I don't try to get stung on purpose either!