Hello all,

In March of this year a friend of mine; who has been a beekeeper for years, started having conversations with me about beekeeping. I started watching videos and reading a lot. Seems everywhere I went I ended up back here. After all I had read I thought I would give it a whirl. I build a Nuc from plans I got off this site and added a mixture of 6 different lures that other beekeepers used. Yes, I used all 6 lures in one Nuc... nobody said not to! That was May 8th, 8 days later on May 16th I went to take it down as we were going after a swarm in a building and could not believe what I found. My Nuc was active. My friend was just as shocked as I was. No doubt it was beginners luck but I owe a whole lot to my friend and a lot to all of you whose post help me. The swarm is now 3 deeps and very strong and I have started another swarm about 2 months ago and it is getting stronger. I have it in the back yard and believe I will have to watch it close and possibly help it through the winter.

Thanks Everyone!!!! I'm a beekeeper...new, green, a rookie, 60, and still having a ball. hahaha hehehehe Ain't life GRAND!