I went to check on my hives yesterday to see if their feeders needed to be topped up. I have 3 Italian hives and 3 Russian hives. This years split which was a Russian had never really done well, going through a few Queens and i never really expected it to survive the winter - well it won't for sure now because there are only about 100 bees left in it - there are honey stores so what should I do with this hive and frames??

One of the stronger Russian hives actually had mites ( discovered this summer - not a huge amount I dont believe - I had dusted earlier after honey harvest ) had lots of filled stores but yestereday was completely empty - not a single bee was present.

So the question is would these have been a sudden collapse or simply a very late swarm and is there anything special that needs to be done with the boxes and frames and the stored honey?

Thanks for any advice.