I have two hives, both are getting robbed right now. I tried closing them up for a day, that worked but two days later they are getting robbed again. They are both being fed from frame top feeders from Mann Lake.

I bought two "robbing screens" from Brushy Mountain hoping this would stop the problem. I installed the screens yesterday, closed the bottom entrances and opened the top. The bees seemed confused like they couldn't figure out how to get in. A few were getting out/in the top entrance.

I revisited them today and what I saw was a bit concerning. The robbing is still going on (there are bees fighting in the air. Bees are crawling all over the hives, front back and sides. they are fighting on the ground) There were hundreds of bees on the front screen trying to figure out how to get in. My first thought was that they were robbers, but half of them have legs full of pollen. From what I have read the robbers do not carry pollen.

I'm not really sure what to do. Do the pollen carriers not know how to get in? Should I remove the screens?

Thanks for any help!