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    Question how to store frames with combs

    I have taken my supers off my bee colonies, and I have no shed, so I put all the frames with combs in the garage. Right now central IL is very warm, we got a lot of bees into our garage. What is the right way to store my frames, so bees will not fly into my garage?
    Most frames have no honey, just empty combs.

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    Default Re: how to store frames with combs

    Is there really no honey, or are they still a little sticky? If still sticky, I'd suggest letting like the bees clean that up. If you have a large property, put the boxes, separated and turned on their sides, about 100 ft from your hives. The bees will find them in no time, attack them and clean up every sticky bit. They'll be dry as a bone. In the late evening the bees will all be home and you can go collect your boxes. If your property is small and the sight of all the bees would freak out the neighbors, divide the boxes on your hives above your inner covers with the outer cover on top of these empty supers. The bees will clean them up and take it down below the inner cover. On a cold morning they can then be collected w/very few bees in them. Put them back in the garage with no entrances whatsoever. If the bees can't get into the boxes to take anything back and entice their sisters, you may have a few in the garage until it's cold but not many. You may want to think about using some moth crystals until it's cold.

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    Default Re: how to store frames with combs

    caution about moth crystals from the local store,, I am told they are of another chemical compound from the moth protection that is available from bee equipment suppliers

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    Default Re: how to store frames with combs

    Paradichlorobenzene usually abbreviated to para crystals is the one you want. The other chemical used for moth control in clothes is naphthalene (not the one you want). Para crystals should protect from any insect, both wax moth and small hive beetle.

    Others here will say spray with bt. (Protects from wax moth damage).



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