Hi All,
I could use some advice. I noticed today that even though it is late October (unusually warm fall) there were quite a few wasps agressivley trying to enter my hives. I had reduced the entrances a few days ago to about 4 inches but the top covers were left propped open slightly for ventilation. I saw wasps also entering the hives at this top entrance. So, I have reduced the entrances further to about 1 inch and closed the top covers. I saw bees fighting with wasps and dragging them out of the hives. The other thing I noticed today was several dead bees (many are fuzzy babies) and a couple of pupae that were dragged out of one hive. The thing that makes me wonder if these deaths are a result of the wasps is that most were still in one piece when they were removed. Any thoughts? Is this common evidence of wasp damage? I could see no evidence of deformity and the mite levels aren't too bad now (although they were a fee weeks ago).
Thank you