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Hi Andrew...I am new this year with one hive and lost all my bee's in september (did harvest some honey)...I ordered a package from Weaver of Buckfast; what kind did you order from them? I think I will order another package for 2013. I live in the Catskills NY so our weather might be similar....Deb
If they are Buckfest they are more than likely R Weaver bees. B. Weaver bees are hybrid Italian. Apparently there was a family split, reason unknown. Both have apiaries in Navisota TX, and B. Weaver also has apiaries in Austin TX (main office). Laura Weaver has written me that their bees have done well in the Northern states too. The R Weaver bees will probably do well too, but I do not know what they are breeding for there.
Best of luck!