It was really warm today, so I peeked to make sure everything was going well.

Maybe I Screwed up...
Last month, as the weather started to get cooler I did a 'last' inspection, and moved some comb to accommodate my feeder. There were empty combs upfront, so took them out (maybe 3 or 4 at most) and put in the feeder.
The plan being, to put all the empty combs to the back, so it would be less intrusive to take them out and put in a follower.
The combs that I pushed up against the wall were solid pollen. They are now both like the photos.
The other combs are fine. There is a small patch of moldy pollen in one of the ones I moved from the front. But the one right behind these is fine.

I tapped them on the table when i was taking photos and a few wax moth larvae (?) fell out.

Is this the culprit? Did i Doom them? Do I need to provide more ventilation for the winter?

What should I do for the hive going into winter?

There are 6-8 completely empty combs. (Of 30) I took these two out and will either make a shorty follower (to avoid moving all the other bars) or I can replace them with comb I have in the freezer...
My feeder is in the back (opposite end from these combs) and takes 3 combs of space (hence the 2 in the freezer) the plan was to replace the feeder with a follower when it gets too cold for syrup.