I have a dozen or so, but my "main-stays" are "ABC-XYZ".., "The Hive and the Honey Bee", and Taylor's "How-To-Do-It..." . I use bits from all of them but usually grab "How-To" first, as it's well organized into many small treatments of usually just a few paragraphs. It's a quick way to jog my memory to the other sources. 151 short stories on the How-To's of beekeeping. Easy to read, front to back, unlike many others.

I used to have several boxes of old Gleanings from Bee Culture and The American Beekeeper mags - years (and years) of each. They came as part of a bee business I bought out in the 90's. I read most of them, but don't have many left.

I suppose it's time I got something that was written in this millennia... but another interesting read is the 1917 (2nd) edition of ABC that I acquired many years ago - for one, it also describes the queen's mating flight as her "wedding flight". There's a barely visible "Grace Margaret Starryon Roe, 1918 " penciled on the inside cover - obviously the original owner. Many of the illustrations are intricately hand drawn.