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    Default Re: Petition to suspend neonicotinoids in NJ

    dan, sorry i didn't have time to read all of the 'studies' you cited.

    i did look at the first one, which is not a study at all, but an article talking about a study.

    a quote from the 'article',

    "The phenomenon is described in two new studies published March 29 in Science. While they don’t conclusively explain global bee declines, which almost certainly involve a combination of factors, they establish neonicotinoids as a prime suspect."

    i think the state of affairs at this time is still that nobody 'knows'. being suspect does not equal knowing.

    the responsible approach would be to wait for the proof.

    the joint u.s./canadian study, which randy oliver discusses in the second link of my post #2, describes what may be the best attempt yet to show causality.

    there are no promises that this will be the final answer, the end all to end all, but hopefully it will help us by some way providing a piece to a very complex puzzle.
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