Back in August Governor Christie sent some letters to member of the NJBA thanking them for their essential work with honeybees. I thought to take this and run with it and ask the Governor for his help in suspending what I believe is wreaking major havoc with our honeybees; neonics. Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain and France all have banned or decreased use of these chemicals that are highly toxic to honeybees because beekeepers banned together and rallied to their ministries to ask them to. If NJ could be the first state to do this, perhaps the rest will follow. We will present this at our NJBA winter meeting where the Governor is scheduled to attend. There are several petitions to the EPA from various beekeeping and other groups to ask for a ban on the neonic registration. I figure if we ask for a suspension, we may get it! Thank you for any help with our petiton and you may want to start your own in your state. If anyone does, post it and I will sign as many petitions that anyone posts to suspend these chemicals!