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    Default Inspection in Texas!!

    I took a look at a few of my hives at one of my locations and they look great! I fed the nuc and one other hive. They had brood that had just hatched and plenty of capped. I saw a few drone cells along a few hive. I don't expect them to be swarming with drones because they are new Fall queens. I didn't see any signs of nectar which was expected so I was hesitant to add any boxes today. All but one hive was full of bees and the other was a Double deep and I am kind glad they weren't full of bees because they are some hot suckers in that one!! Hopefully the pictures attach ok and sorry for the poor quality. Took them with one hand and with the bees flying everywhere they didn't turn out great. IMG_1218.JPGIMG_1215.JPGIMG_1216.JPGIMG_1221.JPG

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    Default Re: Inspection in Texas!!


    Looks like they have some freshly capped honey. Do you have a flow on?



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