when my hive swarmed on april17, i caught them. today i added a 3rd medium, the first 2 boxes are full of bees and numerous frames of capped brood. i also did a split with a swarm cell. today i finally saw eggs. when i checked the original hive, i did not see eggs or the queen. but this hive is 3 mediums plus a super. the third box has a lot of honey and pollen. i didn't check all the frames, just a few in each box that i thought would have eggs if there were any. i did see the queen 2weeks after the swarm left. so, i went back to the swarm hive i caught and gave the original hive a frame with capped brood,larva and eggs. how many days should wait to go back ad check for a queen cell? so,now i have the swarm i caught in 3 mediums. a split from the original hive with a laying queen, and the original hive with a questioable queen. its possible she is there, i just didn't pull a frame with her or eggs. i quess if they dont start a queen cell with the donated eggs, then they are queen rite.