I got a bit of a hobby bug the other day because I can't keep bees until next year. I decided on trying to create mead. I've had mead once in the past with my family- it was a very sweet mead and we all decided on trying it that mead is terrible. We generally like dry wines so I set out to create a dry mead in attempt to prove mead can be just as good as any wine. After reading the intro and basics of the compleat meadmaker I decided on a variation of his orange blossum beginner mead recipe.

Basically its 4 gal water, and 12 lbs of orange blossom honey. Yeast energiser and nutrient were included. Also the brew supply store I visited recommended Lavin EC-1118. I'm also going to be patient and let this mature until around next year at chrismas.

From what I understand I should end up with a very basic, clean dry mead- almost like a dry white wine I think.

So far "fred" my 5 gal batch of mead has been alive for only a day and is slowly gurgling away with his fermentation seal. However, last night I wondered to myself- should I add something?

I immediatly dismissed using any fruits because I didn't want a fruity sweet wine, but now that its still only a day old I'm wondering if there are things to add to my basic mead that will improve it. I don't want to add in anything that is based on flavor preferances, but something that everyone could agree would improve it. Light spices, wood chips, fruits- does anyone have any suggestions to things I should add to improve it?

I figure everyone likes to put a bit of salt on their food- is there something I can put in my mead that everyone agrees will improve it?