We have limited space for these classes, so if you are interested, register soon at http://BeeUntoOthers.com

Bee School @ The Intercontinental Hotel
Monday Evenings 6-9pm 510 Atlantic Ave., Boston

Beginner Beekeeping Course: January 7&14, February 4&11, March 11&18

Advanced Topics in Beekeeping: January 28, February 25, and April 1

Space Is Limited!!!! Register Now!!!!

Golden Rule Honey is pleased to announce that, as part of their trend setting beekeeping initiative, Boston's four diamond rated Intercontinental Hotel has agreed to share their facilities with beekeepers of all experience levels, and to host what is sure to be Boston's most elegant location for beekeeping classes.

We offer two sets of programs:

A beginners curriculum will provide background, instruction and resources for new and less experienced beekeepers that is within the Boston city limits. In the spring, our teacing apiary at the Fenway Victory Garden provides a venue to continue beyond this introductory course with hands on experience.

There is also a need within the community of Massachusetts and New England beekeepers to provide in depth instruction on some more advanced topics in beekeeping...most specifically, queen rearing and breeding. The more beekeepers we have raising queens in New England, the sooner we will all have a variety of well adapted, local stock readily available from local sources available for all local beekeepers. In addition, there are several approaches to beekeeping that have become fashionable to investigate. We will exlpore these in details, and help you avoid obvious (and not so obvious) pitfalls when trying something new.

Beginners Bee School

$60 For the Series of 6 classes, January 7th and 14th, February 4th and 11th , March 11th and 18th from 6pm-9pm (includes online streaming access to the 6 videotaped classes, online access to printable handout material, and access to an online forum for continuing support). Topics, listed by week, are as follows:

Honeybee Behavior and Biology
Fundamental Concepts in Beekeeping
Equipment Overview/Choices
Your First Season
When Your Bees Arrive
Getting Ready for Winter

Advanced Topics in Beekeeping

$50 For the Series of 3 classes, January 28th, February 25th, and April 1st from 6pm-9pm (includes online streaming access to the 3 videotaped classes, online access to printable handout material, and access to an online forum for continuing support)

Queen Rearing- What you need to know in order to raise your own queens…from splits to grafts. Rearing queens is a rewarding and necessary aspect of beekeeping…all beekeepers should be raising at least some of their own queens, and there is no need for this to be labor intensive, expensive or complicated.

Bee Breeding- Raising queens is only half the battle, if you want to improve your own stock, you must gain a deep understanding of the honeybee’s haploid genetic system, the values and scope of desirable traits, and the pluses and minuses of different breeding systems (from purebred to hybrid to mutt).

Alternative Agricultural Approaches- Beekeepers with some experience are introduced to some of the alternative beekeeping practices that are being practiced and experimented with by beekeepers worldwide. Some of the not so obvious subtle nuances will be explored, as well as pros and cons of various approaches. Topics will include:
Foundationless Comb
Top Bar Hives
Treatment Free Management
Overwintering Nucs
Small Cell
Soft Treatments