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    Default Brenham, Texas (Central Texas Bee School) 2013

    Just a heads up for anyone who is interested in learning about (or learning more) about beekeeping. The classes are held in Brenham, Tx this Saturday (March 23rd). Intro to Beekeeping, Intermediate Beekeeping, Bee diseases and pests, how to on Hive inspections, how to on Top Bar hives, Making increase with Splits, legislative updates, etc..

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    Default Re: Brenham, Texas (Central Texas Bee School) 2013

    We will be at this meeting and any orders placed there over $100 will get FREE shipping, excluding bulk cases and glass containers.
    Blue Sky Bee Supply
    Quality Bee Supplies, Bees and Containers!

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    Thumbs Up Re: Brenham, Texas (Central Texas Bee School) 2013

    I attended this Central Texas Beekeepers School in Brenham, Texas last Saturday (3.23.2013), I thought it was an EXCELLENT school! Thanks to all the members of Central Texas Beekeepers, instructors, vendors and participants! I learned so much as a "New Bee", and look forward to next years program, vendor supplies, members and participants! What a great group of people!
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