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    Default Varroa and wax moth larva become comfortably numb

    The Bite of the Honeybee: 2-Heptanone Secreted from Honeybee Mandibles during a Bite Acts as a Local Anesthetic in Insects and Mammals
    Honeybees secrete 2-heptanone (2-H) from their mandibular glands when they bite. 2-H is a local anesthetic effective against wax moth larva (WML) and Varroa mites, which are paralyzed after a honeybee bite. Honeybees can use 2-H for defense, to paralyze invaders that are too small to sting.

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    Default Re: Varroa and wax moth larva become comfortably numb

    Very cool!
    Coyote Creek Bees

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