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    Default Quonset Hoop Greenhouse

    Has any one used these type of green houses? If so what are your experiences good, bad or indifferent? I am looking at a high wall 24x48 or low wall 32x48.
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    Default Re: Quonset Hoop Greenhouse

    I don't know what your growing zone is there, but out here in 5 they are great. We have to use the gothic arch style tunnels for snow loads. But growing in the soil (not on benches), gets us an extra couple of months of production easy. Check out Eliot Colmans newest book on growing in high tunnels for season extension.

    "The Winter Harvest Handbook" is the newest and in my opinion best of his books (out of the 3 I have).
    It is available at Barnes and Noble or your local book store if your library doesn't have it.
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    Default Re: Quonset Hoop Greenhouse

    I have family that has made a couple of them out of 1" pvc pipe and elbows and tees. A real green type person uses what ever he can find for ends and door work petty good as far as I know.


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