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    Default Feeding sugar from the bag, over inner cover, as some do with fondant...

    For "emergency" or insurance feeding I have always used baker's fondant but I know many use the "MountainCamp" / Johansson method.

    To avoid breaking the inner covers loose why not simply place bags of sugar directly over the opening in the inner covers.

    The bags could be prepared by setting the bags of sugar onto trays containing a small amount of water. The water would moisten the sugar at the bottom of the bags, and after several days ( or longer) of drying the bags of sugar could be used. The bag would be cut open on the hardened bottom and placed over the inner covers.

    I see a few advantages:

    1. The propolis seal of the inner cover remains intact

    2. There is less paper introduced into the hive

    3. Some moisture may permeate out through the mass of sugar

    4. Unused sugar could be used to make syrup in the Spring

    5. Sugar can be replenished without opening the hive

    I would suspect that it would be sufficient to saturate perhaps the bottom inch of the bag of sugar with water, and then allow it to dry on a flat surface. In use, I believe enough moisture will be available to prevent the sugar "ceiling" from breaking open, and dumping the sugar into the hive. Otherwise, one could saturate the entire bag of sugar and be certain that the sugar won't pour down...

    This would eliminate the work and energy cost associated with making candy boards or sugar bricks.
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