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    Default Possibly too many hives?

    I have a five acre lot and am currently running four "double deep" hives that are all strong currently. I have not had any trouble with the neighbors complaining and have always tried to keep the bees out of the swimming pools and not let them bother any neighbors. I have recently bought four more hives that I have yet to assemble and I am having second thoughts on having a total of eight hives in my yard and am I trying my luck with the neighbors?

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    Default Re: Possibly too many hives?

    You're the most qualified person to answer that question. Having eight strong hives will obviously double your chances of a complaint. I had 10 hives at a yard near several swimming pools and had to move half of them to another yard. They mobbed one of the pools where the neighbors couldn't go swimming. Not saying that will happen to you but just have a plan B if that happens.


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