I have read numerous entries in this forum in regards to filtering and cleaning the beeswax before making candles. I am about to order from betterbee and they sell beeswax for candles in blocks, it says on the site that it has already been cleaned:http://www.betterbee.com/Products/Wa...swax-22-Lbs-_2
Will I still need to clean and filter it or will it be good to go?
Also I was wondering what wick you would recommend for beeswax jar candles? I would like to work with the cleanest burning wick possible. I am making glass jar beeswax candles (unscented apart from the natural scent that comes from beeswax) and my jars are 4" tall, 2.75" wide and the glass is about 6mm thick. I will be most grateful for any advice!
Many Thanks!