In late summer my observation hive absconded. I caught them back and placed them into a 10 frame deep with a follower board, their original 3 frames and some empties. As the season wrapped up I grew them out a few more frames and then gave them a couple empty drawn combs at harvest...bring them to 8 frames.

I dropped in a frame feeder that took up the remaining space and started feeding. They mostly filled up the empties and and the bulk of their brood frames. I think they are in pretty good shape stores wise.

We have some warm weather today and tomorrow. So i popped the top, pulled the frame feeder and filled the space with a couple of candy frames that got made last winter and the bees didn't use thinking " hey why not they are just lying around"

When I came back in, I realized that the frame feeder had been located on the south (sunny) side of the hive. Now I am wondering if I Should have shifted all the combs over so the cluster could use the sun heat in winter, and placed the sugar frames on the north side...or perhaps just skipped the sugar frames and dropped the follower back in.

I have read that the late-winter/early spring cluster will generaly form against that south wall for daytime heat on those days when cleansing flights might be possible....if this is true it seems I set things up poorly.....