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    Default Winterizing/feeding questions

    I was thinking of putting my miller type feed on top of my 2 deep hive and then putting pink styrofoam (3/4" board) insulation in each side of the feeder for insulation the putting fondant and pollen patties on top of that for emergency food. Will the bees access it there or should I put it on the top bars? Also how can I ensure proper ventilation with the telescoping cover

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    Default Re: Winterizing/feeding questions

    Do you anticipate needing emergency food? Kind of hard to call it emergency if you do...

    Winter food, if needed, should go directly on the top bars. Depending on how deep the food stuffs are you may need a rim to surround them. For ventilation I turn my notched inner cover notched side down, cover the center hole with duct tape, place 2" blue fiberglass insulation between the inner cover and outer cover, and run a strap around the entire hive. This works in my location.

    There should be no need to reinvent the wheel so to speak in regards to properly winterizing a hive in your area. Locate an experienced and successful beekeeper in your area and find out what they do. And then do that.


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