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    Default Top Bar Hive Temperature 98.8 F

    I have a remote digital thermometer nailed to the inside of my TBH about 3/4 way back.

    Hive dimensions: 43" long
    18" wide at the top tapering to 11" at bottom

    The hive floor has a 2" screened bottom and sits about 2" above on a wooden bench on bricks.
    The entrance to the hive is the width of the bottom: 11"
    The cover is metal. When the summer temperature lingered around 100 F and above, I put a Styrofoam board in the cover for insulation.

    The temperature stays a constant 98.8 F whether it is below 0 or 104 degrees. It is in full sun.

    The hive is a May '12 swarm from one of my hives. It was the second swarm from the hive, hence the queen was virgin. In 6 weeks it was entirely filled out. It is healthy and very active. A bit of burr comb in the back behind the thermometer.

    I placed a copper twisted ring around the TBH and a crystal on top of a Bee CD (fractal patterning transfer set up).
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    Default Re: Top Bar Hive Temperature 98.8 F

    Hmmm, sounds too consistent. You may want to check the thermometer.
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    Default Re: Top Bar Hive Temperature 98.8 F

    I have a thermometer in my hive as well. I do not however get anywhere near that consistency. Sometimes the digital thermometers have high and low memory so its possible the number displayed is a record high in the memory. If there is a mode button, push it.

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