So I love my TBH there are however things I want to have differently. I want a screened bottom board and the ability to put in a SHB trap. I want to be able to easily place a feeder or a pattie without having to jerry-rig something. In short I want access to the bells and whistles of langs.

So I want something that is basically 2 langs long, one lang wide on legs. I want separate inner covers and tops for each section, but ideally one screened bottom board for the entire hive. I want the ability also to place a super on top if they are filling up so that they have plenty of stores available. I want to use top bars but with sides I think so that the bees don't attach their comb to the square sides of the.

Does that sounds nuts? Is there already such a creature with plans available? Could I buy unassembeled lang pieces to create such a monster?

I'm blessed in that I have a talented woodworker available to me, however he requires a plan to follow that doesn't involve me pointing at various pictures saying add that to this, this to that, nail that here...