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    Default Inherited a slimed hive.

    So, I get a 2 deep hive with zero bees. No brood and fermented honey. Several moth larva trails and honey running out of the comb. I place the frames out in the open and it was immediately covered by honey bees (not mine, mine are far away) and even more yellow jackets. I plan on freezing the frames tomorrow. They still smell funny and glisten but almost all the liquid is gone.

    Usable frames or garbage? What say yall?

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    Default Re: Inherited a slimed hive.

    Hope it didn't die from foulbrood.You may have passed it on to your neighbors hives.
    Frames are cheap.Bury ,burn or double bag landfill. Scorch the boxes.
    Fermented honey sounds like hive beetle.Not worth keeping.


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