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    Default why are my bees are all gone

    Checked my hive the other day no bees had a clump of dead ones in the middle.frames where full of capped honey.Today went back to check and there were bees back looked like they were just feeding. What's the deal did they all die and I'm getting robbed. Any help. THANKS

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    Default Re: why are my bees are all gone

    Thinking your hive is getting robbed. I have no idea why the colony left so late though.

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    Default Re: why are my bees are all gone

    My guess is the hive is being robbed. I'd say if you want to salvage any of your honey, get it out of there pronto. As to why your bees left ? You would need to do an overview of what is inside the hive. Foul brood ? Was your hive struggling ? How was the bee population? Sorry to hear that your hive failed.
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    Default Re: why are my bees are all gone

    If the hive still has honey they were not robbed. Robbers leave nothing but empty comb.
    If it has an oily, dripping, or fermented look or smell it was small hive beetles.
    If there are no obvious signs it is probably Varroa overload.


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