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    Default Lip balm and lotion labels

    Does anyone have a site that they could recommend that has lip balm and lotion label templates that are for free? We're trying to control our start up costs and we're hoping to be able to just purchase the labels on printer friendly sheets and be able to use some internet templates to make up our labels. Any other suggestions on labeling these types of products would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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    Default Re: Lip balm and lotion labels

    Hi Sarah, I had a hunt around and found a couple of resources for you:

    Free templates
    Lip balm labels
    Lotion bottle labels
    More product labels

    Summary of rules for cosmetic labelling (somebody's blog)

    FDA links about cosmetic labelling

    I haven't tried the labels, but I hope they prove helpful.
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    Default Re: Lip balm and lotion labels

    I believe has free templates for all of there labels, and I know brand name blank labels I've purchased in stores have free templates. The cost of buying printed labels isn't really that much when you consider the cost of tubes,ingredients, and labels compared to what you can sell lip balm for. The biggest difference is having the freedom to design your own.

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    Default Re: Lip balm and lotion labels

    I order from I use OL663LP for my lip balms. I like them because they have a seal that the consumer has to twist off to use the lib balm. Gives our customers that added security. They give you a 3 month subscription to their label making website to get your template. I then make my labels, download the PDF of it and can print them whenever I want. I have a color laser printer and I would not recommend an inkjet printer as the colors will run when people handle them. I would design and print labels for you if you desire. Design would be $25 and per sheet printing would be $1.50 per sheet of 12 labels.

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    Default Re: Lip balm and lotion labels has lip balm labels. She is great to work with.

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    Default Re: Lip balm and lotion labels

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    Default Re: Lip balm and lotion labels

    We checked out a few local printers and found one with a great graphic artist. He just finished our new lip balm labels and they are great. We ordered 100 of them ( the kind that have the perforation between the top and tube and seperate when you open them). The design is our own, it's a great identity for us and with art work and printing it cost us $200 for the 1st thousand and 150/1000 for the rest. If you are looking at "going big", and you never know (Burts Bees, well actually burts friends bees or is it clorox now?). An orginal identity early on will be cheaper than a rebrand later on.
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