I have a Kelley Bee Kentucky Special Hive. When I added a top feeder, I build a false deep body to enclose it above the top cover of the hive. I have the main entrance reduced with the entrance reducer that came with it so they can guard the entrance better. I did drill a 1/2" hole in the false top to give them another entrance. They really seem to prefer this now and hardly use the bottom entrance. They seem to land better at the top too, more natural.

With the angle and the bottom entrance, they either slam into the hive body or crash onto the board.

The upper hole they hit the hole and go right in. They have to travel farther to get thru to the main box.

I use the Plastic Hive cover too, it has a bee space size hole front and back of it also. They are using those to exit the hive and are guarding both entrances well.

Any thoughts?


top hole.jpg