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    Default Dead bees in the open feeder

    I'm using an open bucket as a feeder in my TBH. Although I'm floating everything imaginable in it, some bees still manage to drown.
    Will floaters act as a deterent for other bees looking for syrup? - Mike

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    Default Re: Dead bees in the open feeder

    Hi Mike,

    I'm using a top feeder on my Warre Hive and I have a waffle shelf liner in it as a floater to keep the bees from drowning. So far it seems to be working.
    IMG_3781 rubber mesh for floater.jpg
    I don't think floaters will act as deterrents for other bees. It is best if you could put your feeder inside the hive and away from the entrance to prevent robbing to occur.

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    Default Re: Dead bees in the open feeder

    I started beekeeping this May with twp top bar hives. We had a very bad nectar flow (read no-flow) due to a very long rainy period so I needed to feed before winter.

    I tried to feed bees like you in an open bucket with many small floating branches on top of the syrup and still many had drown. I even had a chicken feeder/water-er and each time it would suck in some air so to release some syrup all the bees at the feeder entrance hole would be sucked into the feeder, the next day I would find at least 50 drowned bees in it.

    I find there is nothing better than feeding bees with an inverted jar placed behind the follower board. You can see in this video of mine what I did

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    Default Re: Dead bees in the open feeder

    I fed my bees with an open mason jar for a long time with no problems. Months on end, and then it turned into the death trap as you describe.
    My most recent feeder is like Guebuddha has. Inverted, but mine is just in a shallow dish with a line of hardened hot glue to raise the jar up to allow it to drain as the bees drink.
    In the open feeders though, I observed that dead bees do not provide flotation devices for live bees. More the opposite. The dead bees rotate in the syrup when the live bees try to climb out. horrible to watch,then there you are trying to scoop out your drowning bees with a fork.


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